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This resource discusses PIP coverages

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Auto Medical Payments: Top 10 Reasons to Carry It

There are many benefits to carrying automobile medical payments coverage on a personal auto policy.


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Helmet Law and Insurance Coverage

The 2000 legislative session resulted in legislation passing which exempts certain motorcycle riders from wearing a helmet, effective July 1, 2000. With passage of the bill Florida becomes the 30th state to allow the operation of a motorcycle without a helmet. 

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Moving Trucks, Motor Homes, and the PAP Liability coverage is provided for the named insured, resident spouse, and resident family members for “…the ownership, maintenance, or use of any auto or trailer.” Thus your insured is covered for liability claims when using the motor home or U-haul truck. Even though “auto” may seem to imply a private passenger type car, the term is not defined in the ISO policy 1 2 3 4 5
PIP: Personal or Commercial Which Pays For Employees? Joe is an employee of ABC Store Incorporated. Joe owns his own car in Florida and has a personal auto policy (PAP) on it. ABC Store owns a vehicle and has it insured under a business auto policy (BAP). Joe uses the company vehicle and is injured in an accident in Florida. Where does Joe get his PIP coverage; from his own PAP or from the ABC Store BAP? 1 2 3 4 5
Rental Car Coverage and the PAP Should I buy that rental car insurance coverage 1 2 3 4 5