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BAP and Temporary Substitutes

Within a Business Auto Policy (BAP) are rented cars covered? As in most cases, it depends.

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 Numerous situations involving autos owned by individuals or corporations arise, whereby there is an attempt (often misguided) to save money by insuring a personally owned auto on a Business Auto Policy.

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Business Auto Policy and Vicarious Liability Coverage

The business auto policy gives automatic "insured" status to those who may be legally liable for the conduct of an insured.


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Commercial Motor Vehicles 30-Day Cancellation Provision

What are the cancellation provisions for commercial automobile policies?

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Garage Policy vs. CGL+BAP+GKLL Many companies insist on writing some auto service exposures under the CGL and BAP policies, with Garagekeepers Legal Liability attached. Other carriers use a Garage form. Is one approach better than another? The VU Faculty weighs in. (Log in required.) 1 2 3 4 5
Individual Named Insured Endorsement - CA 99 17 When a business auto policy (BAP) names an individual as named insured ISO rules 91.B. and 88.A.1 require that the Individual Named Insured (INI) endorsement be added to the policy. This article summarizes the coverage provided by the INI endorsement. 1 2 3 4 5