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Condominium or homeowners' association? Which form do you use, and when is flood required?

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Condo Unit Owners - Why Carry Building Coverage?

This article examines the insurance needs and coverages provided by both the dwelling flood policy purchased by the unit owner, as well as the condo "master" flood policy, the Residential Condominium Building Association Policy, or RCBAP for short.

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Flood Policies, Condo Units, and Additions & Alterations

 What is covered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy and what specifically do the unit owners need to insure

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HOA, NFIP, RCBAP, GP—Flood Insurance For Home Associations

The Homeowners' Association wants to control all the property insurance coverage (both flood and what some refer to as "hazard" insurance).  Is  this possible

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Homeowners' Associations

This article examines some of the insurance aspects of owning homes in a homeowners' association.

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