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Boat Docks and the Homeowners Policy I own a home in a homeowners association and as part of the purchase price of my house I was deeded a boat dock across the lake about 500 yards from my residence. Does my homeowners policy cover the dock? 1 2 3 4 5
Condos, Cooperatives, HOAs, and Timeshares

Much confusion abounds about which insurance statutes apply to condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners' associations, and timeshares. This article summarizes the statutory and insurance issues relating to each. 

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HOA, NFIP, RCBAP, GP—Flood Insurance For Home Associations

The Homeowners' Association wants to control all the property insurance coverage (both flood and what some refer to as "hazard" insurance).  Is  this possible

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Homeowners' Associations

This article examines some of the insurance aspects of owning homes in a homeowners' association.

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