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Under the direction of the Agency Manager, to plan, establish, lead, control, and maintain systems and procedures so as to provide accounting controls over assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses.

Action Steps 

  1. Design and establish new systems and maintain and alter existing systems for the collection and classification of accounting, statistical, and financial data.
  2. Establish and maintain accounting controls over assets, liabilities, and expenses.
  3. Maintain adequate liability accounts for all legitimate obligations of the companies.
  4. Maintain a complete set of accounting ledgers, supporting books, and records.
  5. Complete the timely issuance of accurate financial statements and accounting and statistical reports.
  6. Control timely submission of all required statements and reports to regulatory bodies.
  7. Control banking arrangements and the expeditious deposit of receipts in authorized depositories.
  8. Complete the prompt payment of all approved and authorized obligations of the companies, including insurance claims.
  9. Maintain current and accurate receivable records.
  10. Select and train staff to perform the above functions.
  11. Maintain close liaison with public accountants, state examiners, and Internal Revenue Service agents.
  12. Provide follow-up on delinquent debtors.
  13. Participate in seminars and classes for knowledge and skill development.
  14. Perform other duties as required.


  1. Hire, promote, and fire departmental employees within agency standards.
  2. Recommend departmental increases within agency standards and guidelines.
  3. Enforce and control agency credit terms.
  4. Coordinate interdepartmental contacts.
  5. Control disbursements.
  6. Control revenue.
  7. Negotiate with data processing service bureau (if one is used).
  8. Administer personnel activity as assigned.
  9. Negotiate with banks regarding operating accounts.
  10. Provide notary service.

Job Charter Measurement Standards 

  1. Enforce agency credit terms so that receivables are in line with management standards.
  2. Control expenses within areas of responsibility so that budget compliance takes place.
  3. Adhere to and comply with established agency procedures.
  4. Pay accounts current according to the various companies' credit terms.
  5. Comply with report deadlines.
  6. Be responsible for accounting practices so that audit standards are met for internal and external audits.
  7. Control disbursements in line with management standards.
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