• Become an RLI Subagent

    To sign up, transfer the Agency Agreement Letter (pdf) to your agency letterhead and complete the E&O Verification Form (pdf). Mail or fax both forms to FAIA Member Services, P.O. Box 16579, Tallahassee, FL, 32317. Upon receipt, FMS will send you a kit of supplies and information about the program. Please note: you must be a member of FAIA and include your member number on the letter to become an RLI subagent.

    Still have questions? Read our Q&A.

  • RLI PUP and In-Home Business Q&A

    QWhat is the current version of the Personal Umbrella Application? 
    AIt is form PUP 276 (11/13) (pdf). Use the online quote tool to get a preliminary quote!

    QWhat are the current personal umbrella policy rates? 
    A. Rates effective 1/1/15 are available here (pdf). Use the online quote tool to get a preliminary quote!

    QWhat is the current version of the In-Home Business Application? 
    AIt is form HBP 108 (03/14) (pdf). 

    QWhat are the current In-Home Business rates?
    A.  Rates effective 3/1/15 are available here (pdf). 

    QWhere do I send new applications? 
    A. You send to FMS, PO Box 16579, Tallahassee, FL 32317; fax to 850-893-8002; or email Lynn White (for policyholder names A-K), or email Stacey Chester (for policyholder names L-Z).

    QTo whom do I make checks payable for new applications? 
    A. You make checks payable to FAIA Member Services, Inc. 

    QDo I send the gross amount or the net amount? 
    A. You send the gross amount. 

    QWhat is our commission? 
    A. It is 10% for personal umbrellas and 12% for in-home business policies. 

    QCan I bind coverage? 
    A. No, RLI does not offer binding authority. We can honor the requested effective date if we receive a complete and acceptable application within 10 days of the requested date. 

    QWhen is the policy bound? 
    A. When the policy is issued and we have a policy number.