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Personal Umbrella Policy

A personal umbrella policy from RLI provides an extra layer of affordable liability protection over your existing homeowners and auto insurance policies.

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Ace Your Tech Audit with Catalyit's Checklist for 2024


The new year is in full swing, and as you look to grow your business, it’s important to make sure you’re setting your agency up for success by completing some key tasks at the beginning of the year.  

One of those key tasks is an annual review of your overall tech stack and tech procedures. Our partners at Catalyit have put together a checklist you should complete each year to ke...

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Navigating the E&O Challenges of a Hardening Insurance Market


Nathan Dulle, a claims manager for Swiss Re, recently released the below E&O Claims Advisory notice that was shared with Swiss Re policyholders. The article reviews the difficulties agents consistently face with a hard insurance market; that coupled with our Florida marketplace requires creativity and perseverance amongst Florida agents. As you go through this each day, here are some things to keep in mind from an E&O perspective. 

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Navigating the E&O Challenges of a Hardening Insurance Market

Have you heard that the insurance market is currently experiencing a hard phase? C...

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FAIA’s Agents Confidential: For Your Eyes Only!


Based on the Roman numerals (LXXIII) from the current volume of the Agents Confidential, FAIA’s newsletter has been in production for 73 years. That’s a very long time. Let’s take a brief trip down memory lane…

The Agents Confidential is not the first or even second title for FAIA’s newsletters. It is its third! The earliest edition we could find was The Insur-Agent, Vol. II, No. 1 from January 1933 (the last issue of The Insur-Agent, which was prepared monthly, was in December 1957). Based on that date, FAIA has been promulgating insurance news for more than 100 years!

Consumer Education Resources

consumergraphic.pngFAIA developed a one-page consumer education piece that includes data, infographics, and a quote from Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate Tasha Carter, to explain the issues contributing to the state of the Florida property market. Learn more and download the materials here

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