401(k) Retirement Program

Agency 401(k) Solutions is FAIA’s preferred provider for 401(k) program benefits management. Managing retirement plans has become increasingly complex over the past 10 years, which often results in more expensive, less effective plans that take more HR and staff resources to manage.

No benefit, including health care, exposes an employer to greater financial and fiduciary risk than a retirement plan—and that’s especially true now. In 2009, the federal Department of Labor (DOL) changed its mission from voluntary compliance to mandatory enforcement; 73 percent of plans audited by the DOL required the Plan Fiduciary to be personally liable for restoring excessive costs and or paying penalties to the retirement plan. 

Agency 401(k) Solutions, an exclusive, FAIA-members-only retirement program, will: 

  • Insulate you from fiduciary liability, 
  • Control plan and fund costs, and 
  • Deliver “Best in Class” fund options. 

Agency 401(k) Solutions offers a free and confidential analysis, which evaluates and audits fiduciary compliance, fund performance, and overall plan costs.