• Grassroots

    Advocacy-Red-TanLobbying is an effective tool—one that’s made stronger when it’s backed up by the collective voice of 2,000 agency members. Lobbyists are influential, but constituents have the real power. After all, it’s your vote that puts that legislator in office, and it’s your vote that can remove him or her from office. Lawmakers must be made aware that their actions are being closely monitored by the voters back home. That’s why our members are such a powerful force.

    FAIA’s advocacy is most effective when it works in concert with its 2000-plus agency members. 

    Get Involved

    Here’s how:

    • Fill out a Political Contact Information Form. Everyone knows someone, and your relationship with an elected official or even a legislative staff person can help FAIA accomplish your goals.
    • Keep an eye out for and read FAIA Action Alerts.
    • Stay informed about the issues that matter most by regularly reading the Agents Confidential.
    • Get involved with the Legislative Council or one of its Task Forces.
    • Attend town hall meetings—FAIA will let its members know of activities in their area.
    • Call or write your legislators when there’s a call to action.
    • Attend fundraisers for candidates who support small business.
    • Contribute to one of FAIA’s political action committees or the federal InsurPac.
    • Plan to attend FAIA’s Capitol Days.

    Find your state Senator

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