Webcast FAQ

How are ABEN webcasts different from FAIA's webinars?   

ABEN webcasts are similar in concept, but have added features such as streaming video and additional online resources that enhance your educational experience. (top) 

Is there a cost for participation in ABEN webcasts? Yes, there is a fee for ABEN webcast registration. Fees may vary.

(top)  How do I register for an ABEN webcast? Initial registration with ABEN is required to establish an ID and password. Each individual will need to establish a new ABEN account before registration. Your FAIA login and password will not work on the ABEN system.

(top)  How can I pay for an ABEN webcast? Payments for ABEN webcasts can be made by credit card in the system online. You can also pay with a check. Refer to the network's  FAQ to view instructions for paying with a check.

(top)  Can I register someone else for the ABEN webcast? Yes, but be careful to use that person’s registration information. For CE reporting purposes, each individual must be registered if he or she wishes to earn CE credit. Payment information can differ from registrant information.


Can someone be designated as an agency administrator for multiple registrations? Yes, you will need to coordinate with the ABEN Help Desk by calling 800-747-1719.


What do I have to do to earn CE credit from the ABEN webcast? To earn CE credit, each individual must view the webcast in its entirety, noting the verification codes presented periodically during the webcast. The complete code collected during the broadcast must be entered into the ABEN system by noon the following business day. CE credit will only be awarded to those individuals who are logged in to the system during the webcast and who have entered the correct verification codes afterward. You must then complete the affidavit on our website within three (3) business days. (top) 

Can CE credit be earned if we watch the ABEN webcast as a group? Yes, but each student in the group has to be registered for the webcast, each person will need to log back into the ABEN system to enter the complete code, and each person must complete the affidavit. (top) 

How will I get my ABEN webcast CE certificate? FAIA will report the CE to the Department of Financial Services for those who properly complete the webcast. The ABEN system will also generate a completion certificate to the participant after the completion code is entered into the ABEN system.