Volunteer Leadership

FAIA is led by a 14-member board of directors, which selects a president responsible for managing the association. The board is further supported by volunteer-led councils and task forces, as well as appointed committees, which make recommendations to the board. Each year, member volunteers develop charges for the coming year and a plan to accomplish their goals.

Members of FAIA volunteer governance are committed to observing and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their responsibilities of FAIA.


Bob Rollins
Beacon Group
Jeffrey M. Schlitt
National Director
Schlitt Insurance Services, Inc.
Kyle Ulrich
President & CEO
Florida Association of Insurance Agents
Karyn Roeling
Chair Elect
Seibert Insurance Agency
Chris Heidrick
Vice Chair
Heidrick & Company Insurance and Risk Management Services, LLC

Board of Directors

Garrett Butler
Immediate Past-Chair
Butler Buckley & Deets
Keith Carroll
Rick Carroll Insurance Agency
Brian Chapman
Chapman Insurance Group
Jason Cloar
Brown & Brown Insurance
Patricia Clawson Hamilton
Clawson & Company Inc.
Mary Katharine Lawler
Doug Croley Insurance Services
Matt Ostrander
Ostrander Risk Partners
Scott Popilek
Risk Strategies Company
Tina Blackwell Romaine
Blackwell Insurance
Alicia Rosier Stevens
Rosier Insurance

Executive Staff

Kyle Ulrich
President & CEO
Laura Pearce
Vice President & General Counsel
Dave Burt
Vice President & Managing Director
Paul Peeples
Vice President & Chief Operations Officer
Dave Newell
Vice President of Membership & Industry Relations