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First learn…then remove the “L”

 March 12, 2019     FAIA Newsroom

Breakout sessions at FAIA’s Convention (most with CE credits) are talked about far and wide because they are interesting, informative, and fun! FAIA staff works hard to bring you the best speakers who will deliver the information you need to know.

‘If you don’t have a multicultural strategy, you don’t have a growth strategy’

 January 24, 2019     FAIA Newsroom

A new training series developed for IIABA by diversity marketing guru (and former Convention speaker) Kelly McDonald and delivered through ABEN is now available at no cost to FAIA members.

A final look back at 2018

 December 10, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

At the end of each fiscal year, FAIA pulls together the highlights of both volunteer and staff work. As the calendar year comes to a close, it's worth another look back at FAIA's 2017–2018 Accomplishments.

Holidays present opportunity to assess home business insurance needs

 November 08, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

Holiday bazaars and other events held by churches and community organizations provide a marketplace for many people to place their home-made goods—from baked goods to holiday crafts—for sale. Home-based business owners may think their homeowners or renters policies will cover liability resulting from their business activities, but the reality is, most policies exclude coverage for business exposure.

Cat Extra Expense Coverage available to Westport/Swiss Re insureds

 October 15, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

Good news for FMS-insured agencies affected by Hurricane Michael: Westport and First Specialty errors and omissions coverage includes Catastrophe Extra Expense Coverage for costs an agency incurs to help customers with storm-related claims...

Disaster Command Postings: Insurance villages, loans available

 October 14, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

Get the details about the Panama City insurance village and information about available interest-free and low-interest loans.

Report all losses (including your own!)

 October 09, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

How do you meet your customer’s needs while steering clear of a potential E&O minefield? FAIA’s E&O partner Swiss Re Corporate Solutios/Westport offer the following dos and don’ts: Promptly report all losses

How to report losses, make claims

 October 08, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

FAIA offers this list of tips to help consumers get their claims processed and get on with their lives as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

Have your say on carrier relationships

 October 04, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

The second annual Independent Agent Satisfaction Survey is underway—and your help is needed to ensure robust results. The study, conducted by J.D. Power and the Big “I”, has emerged as the go-to source for top carriers seeking to improve their performance with independent agents.

Shank appointed chair of national InVEST board

 September 13, 2018     FAIA Newsroom

Former FAIA Board Member and InVEST Task Force Chair Lindsey Shank was recently appointed the new chair of the national InVEST board of directors. The occasion marks the first time an InVEST graduate has been appointed chair of the national board.