Avatar removes 4-point inspection requirement, map limitation on HO6 product

 March 26, 2019     0 Comments     FAIA Newsroom

FAIA preferred provider Avatar is known for its extremely competitive condo product. With prices ranging from $200 to mid-$800 for high-end condos, the HO6 product is popular with Independent Market Solutions agents.

Condos have been such a success for Avatar that the company has decided to make the binding process easier for agent-partners by implementing the following changes:

  • Map limitation has been removed across the state, including right on the beach!
  • 4-point inspections are no longer required for HO6 policies.

As added incentive, IMS agents will receive a $25 gift card for every condo policy written with no limit.

If you’re not appointed through IMS, apply. If you are, start quoting!

Avatar HO6 GuidelinesDownload Avatar's HO6 Guidelines