A major hurricane is every insurance person’s nightmare, not only for the destruction and harm it will inflict, but also for the crushing workload it will bring in the weeks and months afterward. An agency’s greatest hope of properly serving its clients is to develop a sound, workable, agency plan.

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FAIA volunteers, staff, and state partners developed this plan, which is designed to help agents prepare their business for a hurricane and respond to customers afterward. (PDF)

A list of items agencies should have on-hand before disaster strikes.

Having pre-defined job descriptions for volunteers and temporary workers will help alleviate chaos in the agency after a storm.

Assess your agency plant before disaster strikes so you are prepared to serve clients in the days after. 

Use of a standard memo of loss is important during the heavy workload and confusion following a catastrophe, and can help expedite the claims process. 

Questions to ask before leaving the office before a hurricane (answers should all be yes!). 

This Atlantic Basic Hurricane Tracking Chart is produced by the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Agencies should document those resulting from a catastrophe for future company negotiations and relations. The Catastrophe Claims Log may be used for this purpose. Maintain a separate claims log for each carrier.

This FEMA-produced graphic compares the cost of flood insurance to the cost of flood damage using the metaphor of a drop in the bucket. Download from the FEMA website and share on social media or embed on your website.

Here's another graphic that compares the cost of flood insurance o the cost of flood damage. 

Here are some tips to help you develop an agency disaster plan.

The Division of Emergency Management maintains this webpage, which lists links to all of Florida's county emergency management websites.

Here’s what agents can expect from FAIA and the Catastrophe Zone Coordinators Task Force when a tropical storm or hurricane is within three days of landfall in Florida.

Make this information available to agency customers well in advance of hurricane season.

This FEMA-produced infographic provides an overview of all that goes into creating a flood map from beginning to end.

This site organizes and provides access to resources pertaining to Florida's property insurance issues, especially in relation to hurricanes.

This website for the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services includes information for consumers with insurance-related questions or complaints. During hurricane season, it's updated with disaster resource and other information of interest to consumers.

The FHCF is structured as a tax exempt state trust fund under the direction of the State Board of Administration. A nine member advisory council provides the SBA with information and advice.

This webpage is maintained by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to provide useful information and links for consumers, media, and other interested parties. It is updated annually in preparation for Florida’s hurricane season.

Share on your website and in social media to help educate your customers about the importance of flood insurance.

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