Co-branding Checklist

Co-branding need not tax your agency resources. Several of the items on this checklist can be incorporated into your business right away. 

  • Log on to the Trusted Choice® agents portal (login required) and update your agency's profile.
  • Attach logo decal to the front door or window of your agency.
  • Add the Trusted Choice® logo to your automatic e-mail signature.
  • Incorporate Trusted Choice® logo on all collateral materials, including:  
  • Add a Pledge of Performance page to your website and link to it from your home page.
  • Add Trusted Choice® logo to sales proposals, direct-mail marketing, and new policy mailers.
  • Include Trusted Choice® in agency phone greeting ("Thank you for calling Smith Jones White, a Trusted Choice® agency, how may I direct your call?"), on-hold messages, and voice-mail greetings.
  • Incorporate Trusted Choice® logo into existing advertising (radio, print, TV, digital, billboard, etc.), or consider using pre-created and customizable Trusted Choice® ads.
  • Encourage visitors to your website to "like" Trusted Choice® on Facebook or to follow Trusted Choice® on Twitter.
  • Make Trusted Choice® part of your agency culture: Review the Pledge of Performance with employees and again when you hire new employees.
  • Post Pledge of Performance tent cards in high traffic areas of your office, especially in places where consumers interact with staff, such as the reception area and at customer service reps' desks.