FAIA's preferred provider Evolve, offers industry-leading cyber liability coverage for FAIA members to sell to their clients and exclusive member rates to cover their agency's cyber liability.

Why Cyber?

  • According to an IBM study, 77% of firms don't have cyber resiliency plans. 
  • In 2017 ransomware damages reached $5B, according to Cyber Security Ventures. 
  • In 2018 companies were impacted by 1,244 data breaches. 

Evolve Highlights:

  1. No Risk Management Warranties
    Evolve does not have any risk management warranties.
  2. Unlimited First Party Reinstatement
    Evolve's first party policy limits reload every claim. 
  3. Business Interruption
    Evolve offers "Systems Failure" and "Dependent Business Interruption (including Supply Chain Partners)"  
  4. Cyber Crime (including "cryptojacking")
    Evolve covers the next large hacking trend, cryptojacking, which grew by 4,000% in 2018.
  5. Hardware Replacement
    Evolve will replace computer hardware or tangible equipment damaged in a hack attack.   

Is your agency covered? Learn more about Evolve's coverage benefits:

  • $5,000–$10,000 of Risk Management Services (Free)
  • Each and Every Claim: No Aggregate on First Party Limits
  • Funds Transfer Fraud: Limit Options $25k, $100k, or $250k+
  • No Risk Management Conditions
  • Theft of Senior Executive Officers’ Personal Assets
  • Theft of Funds Held in Escrow
  • Cyber Triggered Management Liability
  • $0 Deductible for Forensic Advice
  • Full Prior Acts 
  • Contingent Business Interruption Full Limits
  • Data Restoration Coverage 
  • Reputational Harm Coverage 
  • 25% System Betterment Coverage
  • Separate Tower Mirroring Policy Limits for Forensics & Attorneys
  • Payment Card Industry Fines, Penalties, Fraud, and Card Re-issuance Coverage

Evolve policy holders have the benefit of using the following services at no additional cost:

  • BitSight: 50-Page Vulnerability Assessment
    BitSight's full report provides the technical insight to strengthen any organization's security. Your IT department can look to improve areas where there are low scores. 
  • Ninjio: Security Awareness Video Training
    Four-minute "gamified" video episodes on real breaches that train your employees on how to avoid falling victim to hack attacks. 
  • Intentional Phishing: Phishing Out Cyber Threats 
    This phishing tool will intentionally try to trick your employees to "click" on suspicious links. Once clicked, the employee will be prompted through an online e-training course to prevent a future attack. 
  • Incident Response Plan Builder: Build a Strong Incident Response Plan
    Do you have a cyber breach incident response plan in place? If not, our incident response experts will help you build a robust plan that can effectively reduce the impact of a cyber event. 
  • Rep Knight: I-Spy Your Information
    The RepKnight breach monitoring service continually searches the dark web for information specific to your organization and alerts you in real time to possible breaches of your data. This proactive approach helps you minimize the fallout from a variety of cyber incidents.