CSR Award Nuts and Bolts

Rewards of winning

Nominees will first compete on a state level. State winners will automatically be entered into the national competition.

State Winners Will Receive

  • Framed Certificate of Achievement 
  • State recognition 
  • Advancement to national competition 

4 National Finalists Will Receive

  • $500 cash award 
  • National recognition 
  • Gold and garnet pin 

National Award Recipient Will Receive

  • $2,000 cash award 
  • Gold and diamond pin 
  • Employer receives a scholarship to a National Alliance program 
  • Nominator receives a $1,000 cash award 


To be eligible to enter this competition, candidates must:

  • Be an insurance customer service representative, or have primary responsibility for customer service duties. 
  • Complete a candidate form (PDF) or, if self-nominating, a competition entry form (PDF)  including educational background; insurance awards, honors, and affiliations; community involvement, awards, and honors; significant contributions to their agency/company and coworkers; and two business references. 
  • Write an essay of no more than two pages on the subject “Communication is one of the most important parts of building strong relationships with your clients, companies, and coworkers. Identify and explain the four greatest barriers to effective communication that you face (or have faced) and how you’ve worked to overcome these barriers.” 
  • Submit letter(s) of recommendation from a business/professional reference(s).