Outstanding CSR of the Year Award

Nominate the winner and receive a $1,000 cash award!

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019 National Outstanding CSR of the Year Award. This award, sponsored by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, is the Alliance’s highest honor for insurance customer representatives.

Anyone can nominate, whether it’s a supervisor or co-workers. You can even nominate yourself!

Download the Nomination Form

Nominations are followed by entries. Anyone, regardless of affiliation or professional designation, whose primary duties center on insurance customer service is eligible to enter (a CIC or CISR designation is not required). To compete, candidates must:   

  • Be an insurance customer service representative or have primary responsibility for customer service duties. 
  • Complete an entry form including formal education; insurance-related achievements, insurance awards, honors, and affiliations; community involvement, and significant contributions to business/coworkers; and list two professional references. 
  • Write a 500- to 1000-word essay on the following topic:

“Many agencies recognize the professionalism and knowledge of Account Managers and CSRs who successfully weave sales into their day-to-day responsibilities. Please summarize the sales training (if any) you’ve received from your agency or company and discuss what you believe are the three (3) most effective sales techniques or tools that make you a better Account Manager/CSR. 

  • Submit letter(s) of recommendation from a business/professional reference(s). These may come from the references listed on the entry form, or they may come from other business/professional acquaintances.   

Deadline for all materials (including essay) is May 1, 2019.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I send in my nomination? 
A. Immediately. There is much to do after your nomination is received. Correspondence must be sent to your nominee to provide appropriate candidate materials and to offer congratulations on being nominated. Additionally, you will want to give your nominee as much time as possible to complete the required essay. 

Q. How do I encourage my CSR to participate?
A. Everyone needs encouragement, and some more than others. Many individuals often do not think they have a chance at winning awards and never enter. Express your satisfaction at what an exceptional job your CSR does for the agency/company. You might even give a few examples of what you mean. Encourage other agency/company personnel to express their excitement at the CSRs nomination, and to add their support. If you nominated anonymously, a typed message of encouragement along with a token gift can be secretly left to foster inspiration for becoming a candidate. 

Q. What if my CSRs do not have designations?
A. Designations are not required to become a candidate. Any individual with primary duties involving insurance customer service is eligible to enter this competition regardless of affiliation or professional designation.

Q.I appreciate all my CSRs and the hard work they do. How do I make a nomination without offending the others?
A. You can nominate anonymously. Your name will not be given out unless you give specific permission.

Q. I was nominated to enter the Outstanding CSR of the Year competition. Could you tell me who nominated me?
A. Many employers are concerned about hurting the feelings of other CSRs in their office; therefore, if a nominator has specifically asked not to have his/her name given out, we respect his or her wishes.

Q. When are the state awards announced?
A. The National Alliance will prepare a news release announcing all state recipients and distribute it to National Alliance board members, licensee associations, and media outlets across the country by early June.

Q. When will we find out who has won the national award?
A. A news release announcing the national winner will be prepared and distributed by The National Alliance in late June or early July.