eXS Commercial Umbrella

FMS can provide your agency with quotes for commercial excess coverage for your insureds. RLI will write limits up to $5 million including liquor liability and excess D&O.

How to Sign Up

Complete an ACORD 125 (Commercial Insurance Application Applicant Information Section) and an ACORD 131 (Umbrella Section) and mail, fax, or e-mail to FAIA Member Services for a quote. 

Why eXS Commercial Umbrella?

  • Fast quote turn around and policy binding.
  • FAIA members earn 12 percent commission on new and renewal business with eXS, and revenues generated to FMS are included in the calculation for earning the Utilization Bonus.
  • Coverage is written with Mt. Hawley Insurance Co., rated A+ by A.M. Best, and limits of up to $5 million are available.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the eXS Program an applicant must:

  • Have up to 15 automotive power units for new business and renewals and a radius of operations less than 100 miles; no extra heavy trucks, tractor trailers or buses. No owned or non-owned delivery exposure.
  • Have annual sales/receipts no greater than $12.5 million new business or $15 million for renewals with the following additional requirements:
  • Apartments and habitational risks must be three stories or less in height, no more than 500 units, and no HUD, Section 8, or subsidized housing;
  • Offices, retail/wholesale and other OL&T type risks must not exceed 50,000 square feet per building provided that buildings are separated by at least 25 feet of clear space per story of building height; and
  • General contractors must not construct buildings exceeding three stories in height or more than 250,000 square feet in area and may not engage in new residential construction other than apartments (however residential service installation and renovation after the certificate of occupancy are generally acceptable).
  • Have an acceptable past loss history that does not have:
  • $100,000 in the aggregate within any one year for any one line of coverage; or
  • $50,000 or more for any single loss.
  • Underlying limits must be a minimum of $1 million.
  • Underlying carriers must be A.M. Best rated A-V or better.

Hazard Grade

The Hazard Grades used to determine eligibility, acceptability, and pricing are as follows:

  • Grade 1 Risks Desirable: Accounts in this category are desirable and may be written freely in accordance with this program.
  • Grade 2 Risks Average: Accounts in this category have greater inherent hazards than Grade 1 risks, but are also desirable.
  • Grade 3 Risks Special: These classes are acceptable, but require special handling, i.e. individual risk underwriting and pricing based on recognition of the conditions and hazards that may or may not exist for the individual risk being considered. Usually supplemental data is required to properly underwrite the exposures for these risks.

Applicants that have exposures in an ISO classification rated as NQ in the Commercial Umbrella Hazard Index Guide (xls) or that do not otherwise meet the above Eligibility Requirements are not qualified for the e-XS Program. Risks with a P Grade are not acceptable on any basis.