General Session

Prepared to be entertained, enlighted, and inspired during Friday morning's General Session.

Capitol Steps

This nationally acclaimed political satire troup consists of former congressional staffers turned comedians who travel the country satirizing the very people and places that once employed them. Equal opportunity offenders, they leave both sides of the political spectrum equally satisfied in the other side’s skewering.

Check back soon to see the complete lineup.

Door Prizes

Come early, stay late… and you may win a prize

Agent and company members with a full registration or a Friday day pass receive a General Session door prize ticket in their credential envelopes, along with instructions about how to use it. Then, on Friday:  

Take a (front rows) seat

At the beginning of General Session, one row out of the first 10 will be randomly chosen, and every person sitting in that row will receive a prize.

Stay until the end…

Door prizes valued at $200 will be given out at the conclusion of General Session. Agencies and local agents’ groups donate prizes for company members, and company members donate prizes for agents.