FAIA is the front line guardian of agents' interests in the legislature. The Governmental Affairs staff seeks member input in developing sound legislative positions, advocates those positions before the legislature, and coordinates grassroots membership involvement in the legislative process. That effort extends to the electoral process, where we make sure agent and pro-agent candidates are elected at both the state and federal levels.

FAIA works closely with the Department of Financial Services and Office of Insurance Regulation to ensure fair and equitable regulation of agents and the carriers whose products they sell. Staff closely monitors developments at Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and advocates for agent involvement every step of the way (be sure to subscribe to the "CPIC Blog" in the Community). And we provide members with information to help them make good decisions about company appointments through the Property Markets Resource Center.

The Governmental Affairs staff keeps you up-to-the-minute informed on all that is happening in the regulatory, legislative, and judicial arenas so that you can better participate in the process.

2024 Legislative Materials

Stay Informed 

FAIA’s government affairs team works year round to advocate on behalf of agents.