Local Board Meeting Schedule

Times and locations subject to change. Please email Melissa Champany with changes or updates.

Local Board When Time Place
Bay County Independent Insurors, Inc.  Monthly, 2nd Monday  11:45a.m.–1:00 p.m.  PO Folks Restaurant
15th Street
Panama City 
Janice Griffin
Citrus County Independent Agents Association  Not active     
Gainesville Association of Insurance Agents   Not active    
Independent Insurance Agents of Broward County  Monthly, 3rd Thursday  Noon to varies Signature Grand—Davis to varies
Karen P. Fassbach
Independent Insurance Agents of Central Florida, Inc.  Monthly, 3rd Wednesday  Noon  Varies. Call 407-898-0461 for location 
Pamela Bouch
Independent Insurance Agents of Greater Tampa, Inc Monthly, 1st Monday  4:30 p.m.  Varies. Call 813-300-4370 for location  
Lori Matthews
Independent Insurance Agents of Martin County  Not Active     
Independent Insurance Agents of Northeast FL (Jacksonville)  Quarterly (Jan., April, July, Oct.)
2nd Tuesday
Noon  Varies. Call 904-460-9579 for location 
Suzanne VandeKamp
Independent Insurance Agents of Palm Beach County  Monthly, 3rd Thursday  Noon  Hilton Palm Beach Airport 
Andrea Sanford
Independent Insurance Agents of Pensacola, Inc.  Monthly , 1st Tuesday every other month Noon  Varies.
Alex Niedermayer
Independent Insurance Agents of South Florida  Monthly, 2nd Wednesday  Lunch or evening meeting  See www.iiasf.com for more information.  
Email IIASF at iiasf1933@gmail.com. 
Independent Insurance Agents of Tallahassee  Every other month  Noon    Jeremy T. Banning 
Lee County Independent Insurance Agents, Inc.  Monthly, 3rd Wednesday   Noon  Cypress Lake Country Club 
Alicia Rosier 
Manatee County Independent Insurance Agents Association, Inc.  Monthly, 2nd Wednesday  Noon  Bradenton Country Club 
Gert-Jan Vreman 
Marion County Association of Independent Insurance Agents  Monthly, 2nd Tuesday  Noon  Hightower's Restaurant 
Joan Marie Rector
Okaloosa County Association of Independent Agents  Monthly, 2nd Friday  11:45 a.m.  Quincy's Steak House 
Kenneth Wayne Walker
Sarasota Association of Independent Insurance Agents  Monthly, 3rd Thursday  Noon  Varies. Call 941-923-1218 for location 
James Valek 
The Pinellas Association of Insurance Agents  Monthly, 3rd Wednesday to 1st Tuesday of every month Noon  Rick Iler, 727-327-7070