Guidelines for Logo Usage

If you've reached this page, you're looking for a logo. Do you know which one you should use, and how to use it? Here's a quick guide to logo usage:


FAIA logo with text, blackFAIA’s logo, similar to the Big I’s logo, is used to represent FAIA (the association) as an entity, or, in the case of member agents and associate members, to denote affiliation with the association. It is not a consumer-facing logo; the typical insurance consumer has no frame of reference for recognizing the logo or understanding what FAIA means. The exception is for associate members, where agents are their customers/consumers. 

Do not alter or distort the logo by scaling, stretching, or changing the color in any way. If you have any questions about usage, contact the Communications Department.

Download FAIA logos.

Trusted Choice® Logo

TrustedChoiceThe Trusted Choice® logo is designed to brand independent insurance agents to consumers. As such, agency members should use the Trusted Choice logo for consumer-facing materials, including websites, business cards, signage, letterhead, etc. To be eligible for the Trusted Choice® Marketing Reimbursement Program, agents must use the Trusted Choice® logo.

To download Trusted Choice logos and usage information, log in to the Trusted Choice Agents and Brokers resources area.

Big “I” Logo

Big I logoThe Big “I” logo is designed to represent the association (FAIA) as an entity. As such, there are very few circumstances under which an agency should use the logo in its materials.

More information about the Big "I" logo and its use, visit IIABA's State Marketing Activity Center.