YAC Spotlight: Jose Beaumont

 February 27, 2024     FAIA Newsroom

For our next YAC Spotlight, we sat down with Jose Beaumont, an account executive at Miami Insurance Brokers. Jose, who is Peruvian and “very optimistic,” explained why networking is his favorite part of the job, shared his thoughts on the importance of building relationships in the insurance community, and explained why more people need to join the industry.

Board Spotlight: Patricia Clawson Hamilton

 February 01, 2024     FAIA Newsroom

FAIA's Board of Directors is made up of volunteer leaders who give generously of their time and expertise to serve the association and our industry. This year, we're sitting down with our board members to help agents get to know them better. Next up is Patricia Clawson Hamilton, the CEO of a third-generation agency, who encourages agents of all ages to get involved with the association as soon as they can. 

YAC Spotlight: Kala Mays

 January 30, 2024     FAIA Newsroom

For our next YAC Spotlight, we sat down with the Chief Executive Officer of MGM Recovery Kala Mays. Kala, who is this year’s YAC company liaison, talked about her favorite part of her job, shared advice for how to get the next generation interested in insurance, and explained why she thinks being resilient is the most important skill a young agent can have. 

YAC Spotlight: Shannon Conlon

 January 02, 2024     FAIA Newsroom

For our first YAC Spotlight of 2024, we sat down with Shannon Conlon, a north Florida marketing representative at Johnson & Johnson. Shannon, who calls her journey into insurance a “happy accident,” told us why she decided to join the Young Agents Council, shared advice for college students who are unsure about majoring in Risk Management and shared her favorite part about the job. 

Ten Ways to Build a Strong Agency

 December 07, 2023     FAIA Newsroom

The concept of the Best Version Pyramid is something the Sitkins Group has developed over the years for all the major areas of agencies. The ideal way to explain the behaviors and strategies around becoming the Best Version Possible (BVP), is to use a pyramid. As with any pyramid, it starts with core, foundational stones and ends with a capstone.