Partner with FAIA Member Services

FMS is dedicated to bringing FAIA members quality products and services that either generate revenue or cost savings. The FMS Board of Directors takes a close look at every program that seeks FAIA preferred provider status, insuring that only the best get the stamp of approval. Following are guidelines for third-party vendors wishing to partner with FAIA Member Services.


  • Vendor must offer a product or service of value for the majority of members.
  • Product or service must provide an enhancement to current members.
  •  Product or service must be able to be used to attract new members.
  •  If the product or service is not exclusive to members, it must be offered in such a way that it offers increased value to members.
  • As a general rule, the vendor, product or service must be time and industry tested and financially sound to be eligible for endorsement consideration.
  • The vendor must be willing to contractually guarantee a minimum royalty and marketing fee payment of $10,000 annually. Additionally, the vendor understands that terminating the contract in the first year makes the company liable for 50 percent additional liquidated damages as prescribed in the contract.

Contact FMS Managing Director Dave Burt for more information.