clickVSC protects your clients from unexpected auto repair costs.
Nationally, nearly 40% of your clients already buy this protection from the dealership when they buy their car. Our platform lets them buy it through you instead. Plus, you can give them better / longer coverage than the dealership and many clients save money when purchasing through you (with no dealership markup!)

Revenue - Increase your agencies revenue immediately with clickVSC

You earn commission for every clickVSC policy that you sell, and all commissions are paid in full the month following the sale of a policy.

Retention - Increase your client retention

clickVSC policies offer coverage as long as 10 years and work as a great add-on to other insurance products (especially auto policies).

Recapture - Gain back some of the clients that you lost over the years

You have a database full of clients who used to do business with you but have since stopped. clickVSC gives you a unique reason to earn them back and is a product that their current agent probably doesn't have.
It's easy to get started with clickVSC too! Their platform is 100% free, with no minimum production requirements, and it takes less than 60 seconds to sign up. They provide complementary training for your agency as well with weekly webinars, Q&A's, Quick Start Guides, an Agent Resources section, and much more. 

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