IMPROV Learning

Partnering with the masters of keeping the audience's attention, the famed IMPROV Club that gave start to the likes of Bette Midler, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld + more, we created a unique course that used the latest in behavioral science mixed with humor and IMPROV techniques. 25 years and 4 million students later, we are thrilled to say that our notion was right, backed by numerous studies showing our courses being effective in reducing vehicle crashes. Partner with IMPROV® Learning to rethink the ordinary and save lives. 



How Our Partnership Works For FAIA Members 

  • Refer Clients to the course via link on your site, email or special code

  • Your Client gets preferred pricing 

  • Client Completes State-Approved Online Course*

  • We issue Florida DMV Certificate 

  • We handle all customer support and reporting

  • We also offer traffic school and new driver (TLSAE) programs

*Unless approved by the insurance carrier, the discount is limited to drivers who are 55+.

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