Fetch is the first of its kind software program that allows users to quickly research underwriting for a given risk in under 30 seconds with only a location needed toAskFetch_Logo_Wide.png get started. There are over 38 billion possible combinations of variables.

Fetch eliminates the need for:
•   3-ring binders filled with carriers’ latest guidelines

•   Maintaining custom spreadsheets off underwriting data

•   Hour-long hunts for a carrier only to be declined after building the quote

•   Quotes based solely on premium, without underwriting consideration

Based on the number of Fetch users, the average carriers, and the frequency of carrier guideline changes, Fetch has saved roughly 1400 reams of paper.

All subscription levels come with the added benefit of Fetch Envoy, giving the user up-to-the-minute changes in guidelines that previously you’d have painstakingly searched for on a carrier’s site. The paid subscriptions include access to Fetch Insight, with the homeowner data you need to assess risk and power your underwriting.

Pricing Options

  1st User Additional User
FAIA Memeber $47/month $10/month for each additional user
Non FAIA Member $97/month $10/month for each additional user







"Never stop thinking of ways to improve and accomplish more - but in less time, with less frustration. I am always working on streamlining and simplifying our office by improving internal processes and procedures. If something takes ten steps to complete, we work to make it five steps."
-Trace Meek, CEO of Fetch!