RLI Personal Umbrella Policy

The RLI PUP is a true “broad form” umbrella providing coverage that is not limited by exclusions or limitations in the underlying policies. RLI is rated A+ by A.M. Best and will write over any underlying carrier regardless of rating. Limits up to $5 million are available and RLI will write over other umbrellas if you are looking for additional excess limits.

RLI accepts the Citizens $100,000 liability for a flat rate of $185! No extra gap policy needed.

Become a Subagent

Then what?

After you e-sign and submit the agency agreement information, we'll send you a user name and password to access the RLI application. No more printing out PDFs, scanning, or faxing!

The RLI quoter is available without logging in so you can present customers with a quick indication.

Why Recommend an RLI Stand-Alone PUP?

  • 10 percent commission on new and renewal business.
  • Revenues generated to FMS are included in the calculation for earning the Utilization Bonus.
  • Simple, self-underwriting, online application process (you will know immediately whether or not a risk qualifies).
  • 24-hour issuance from receipt of eligible application.
  • No premium calculations necessary.
  • Renewals are solicited and billed directly to your insureds.
  • Premiums start at $160 for Florida insureds.
  • No excluded vehicles.
  • Dec pages from underlying carriers not required.
  • MVRs are not required with submission and applications are acceptable with up to 2 accidents and 4 tickets. (There are exceptions for drivers under 22 and over 69.) Note: The State of Florida’s official Drivers License format has increased to 13 characters (1 alpha and 12 numeric). Effective 10/01/2013, the MVR service used to obtain Florida MVR's will reject Drivers License requests not listed in the proper format indicated above. 

Forms & PDFs

PUP Quoter
RLI Agent Portal
All Sales & Marketing Tools
Policy Provisions
PUP Changes Effective 7/1/15
PUP Rates (Effective 7/1/17)
Acceptance of Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorists Coverage Form
Underlying Homeowner Limits

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