Be the Boss!

The Young Agents Council wants to add some fun to your day by teaming with New Level Partners to introduce Accelerate Your Agency, an insurance video game.
Accelerate Your Agency will test your insurance knowledge and challenge you as Boss of your own virtual agency while competing against other agents throughout Florida. The Boss with the most clients wins! The first-place prize is an iPad and $100 gift card to My Agency Campus; second and third place each win $100 gift card to My Agency Campus.
Together with our incredible YAC sponsors, we’ve covered the registration fee for up to 75 people 100 people—so all you have to do sign up! The competition begins on Monday, April 20 and ends Friday, May 1. The winner will be announced that following Monday, May 4, on the YAC Facebook group page.


How to Play the Game

Your role: Agency Leader/Boss

Your goal: Level Up and grow your agency to the MAX

How to play:

Successful completion of fun insurance training games to potentially:

  • earn Happy Clients
  • earn Points
  • spend points to buy upgrades to Level Up even more!

How to track:

  • check your homepage to see your current agency level
  • observe the number of Happy Clients (and points!) you’ve earned
  • watch your Happy Clients earn you points (almost) every second!

How to win:

Climb your way to Level 10 by:

  • earning more Happy Clients and points
  • reaching Happy Client thresholds
  • purchasing upgrades
  • being the best agency leader around, period!


What are Happy Clients and how do I earn them?

You earn clients by playing the training games. But be careful—you can lose clients by failing a step. The more difficult the step in the game, the more clients you can earn.


How do I earn points?

Your clients earn you points; the more “happy clients” you have, the more points you will earn.


What do I do with all my points?

Navigate to your homepage and you will see the option to purchase upgrades. The red circle next to each upgrade lets you know you have earned enough points to buy something. All upgrades will help you to move to the next level and Accelerate Your Agency!


How do I know what place I’m in compared to my colleagues?

Navigate to your homepage and click on the Leaderboard. This will show you where you rank in comparison to your colleagues. The Leaderboard is updated every night.

There are a limited number of spaces available, so register now and be ready on Monday, April 20 to Accelerate Your Agency!


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