This resource section contains tools for developing an agency catastrophe plan, insurance-related information to share with consumers, a directory of useful websites, and articles that will help your agency better deal with customers after a storm. 

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Use of a standard memo of loss is important during the heavy workload and confusion following a catastrophe, and can help expedite the claims process. 

Agencies should document those resulting from a catastrophe for future company negotiations and relations. The Catastrophe Claims Log may be used for this purpose. Maintain a separate claims log for each carrier.

A visual guide for what is and is not covered under ISO-2000 HO-3 and ISO-91 HO-3 forms.

Each company has different claims information and catastrophe requirements. After a catastrophe, agents probably will have additional personnel handling claims and dealing with various carriers. This form will help organize this data and make it easy to disseminate to the appropriate persons.