This section consists of documents, images, and information agents can use to educated insureds about about hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters. 

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FEMA-produced infographic to remind people to collect and protect important documents (including insurance information!).

This FEMA-produced graphic compares the cost of flood insurance to the cost of flood damage using the metaphor of a drop in the bucket. Download from the FEMA website and share on social media or embed on your website.

Graphic compares the cost of flood insurance to the cost of flood damage. 

Make this information available to agency customers well in advance of hurricane season.

This FEMA-produced infographic provides an overview of all that goes into creating a flood map from beginning to end.

When the clouds form, the rain pours, and water is all around, you’ll ask yourself, how prepared or unprepared are you? Video produced by FEMA and available for download and sharing.

FAIA offers this list of tips to help consumers get their claims processed and get on with their lives as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

This brochure is designed to be distributed to your customers to help them understand how to prepare for a storm and how to handle the claims process afterward.

FEMA provides an extensive collection of hurricane safety graphics that agents can download and share with insureds before and after a storm.

Many Floridians know what to do when a hurricane threatens and have developed a plan. But for far too few, insurance is not a part of that plan. This guide will help consumers plan for insurance before a storm and understand the claims process after.

This video covers six important things (including "be insured!) to know before a disaster strikes. This video can be embedded on an agency website or shared on social media through the FEMA website.

These tips will help your insureds deal with the aftermath of a storm.

As hurricane season approaches, share this information with your insureds to make sure they’re prepared.

Share to help insureds understand what to do during a storm.

Here are the top five things policyholders need to understand about insurance and hurricanes.

Post-storm Infographic produced by FEMA.

This one-pager from the Florida Department of Financial Services is designed to help insureds understand the claims timeline and avoid scams.