Sales & Leadership Conference


Conference Agenda

Day One, Thursday, March 22, 2018

10:00 AM Registration
11:00–11:30 AM Ice Breaker and Welcome
11:30–1:00 PM

Session I 


Session includes lunch.

1:15–2:45 PM

Session II, The Art of Leadership

with Doug VanDyke (read bio)

Description: How do leaders continually raise their bar of excellence? How do they stay pumped up while consistently inspiring their team? Attend this session to find out. Doug will share how leaders affect culture, negotiate effectively, rise to the occasion, lead in absence, and process the power to overcome adversity.

3:00–4:00 PM

Session III, Habits & Your Personal Velocity

with Tim Parenti (read bio)

Description: Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?  They work at an incredible rhythm and pace with minimal distraction and total focus. How did they get this way? One word: Habits. They identify the habits necessary for success and use them to drive their personal and business goals. This session will explore the scientific understanding habits, how they’re formed, and the key drivers of habit development.

Sponsored by Safepoint Insurance

4:15–5:15 PM

Session IV, The Evolving Cyberthreat

with Nathan Ginter  (read bio)

Description: With cybersecurity breaches making headlines every day and new threats emerging on a constant basis, the insurance industry must adapt to protect itself. Nate will lay out the basic principles of cybersecurity, from starting with your first risk assessment, to some basic workflows and technologies that can be put in place to mitigate risk.
TBA Reception

Day Two, Friday, March 23, 2018

7:30–8:15 AM Registration
7:30 AM Continental Breakfast
8:15–9:15 AM

Session V, Ridiculously Amazing Sales Process

with Kelly Donahue  (read bio)

Description: Forty-four percent of salespeople give up after the first follow up, yet 80 percent of sales require five follow ups. Knowing that, it’s time to sharpen your sales prowess through training and execution. We will explore the best strategies for prospecting, vetting a deal, account rounding at the point of sale, and asking for the business. Finally, we’ll work through how to combine marketing, referrals, and a personal brand to create your very own ridiculously amazing sales process.

Sponsored by Tower Hill Insurance

9:15–10:15 AM

Session VI, Promoting Value in a Disruptive Market

with Jeffrey Graham (read bio)

Description: Technology has changed customer expectations. Today’s consumers want to manage their insurance where they want, when they want, and how they want. Jeffrey will offer solutions and tools to help your agency stay relevant by becoming a customer-centric in an evolving marketplace.

10:30–11:30 AM

Session VII, Understand ANY Insurance Policy

with Chris Boggs  (read bio)

Description: Florida insurance laws require insurance policies to be “readable” (GS 627.4145). Although the words may be easily understood, the context often creates an amazing amount of confusion for our insureds and even insurance professionals. Attend this session to learn the nine simple rules tor understanding and interpreting any insurance policy.

11:30 AM–1:00 PM

Session VIII, Work on Your Game: Applying the Pro Athlete Mindset to Business

with Dre Baldwin  (read bio)

Description: Jordan, Manning, Gretzky…Any sports fan can rattle off names of the greats just as quickly as you can spell ESPN. Talent gets you known. But it’s discipline and mental toughness that make the difference between an MVP and the talented player who never moves past "potential." Dre will share the locker room and training secrets needed to take your sales game to the next level.

(Session includes lunch)

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