FAIA Staff

FAIA’s staff of insurance and insurance-agency experts is here to answer your day-to-day questions. Except where noted, all extensions are preceded by FAIA’s main phone number, 850-893-4155. We also have a list of staff by subject.


Position Name Ext. E-mail
President/CEO Jeff Grady 379  jgrady@faia.com  
Executive Assistant/Director of Meetings  Cindy Molnar, CMP  352  cmolnar@faia.com  

Public Affairs/Legislation & Regulation

Position Name Ext. E-mail
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs  Kyle Ulrich, CAE   369  kulrich@faia.com   
Vice President & General Counsel  Laura Pearce, Esq., AAI   373  lpearce@faia.com   


Position Name Ext. E-mail
Communications Director Sue DeGrange Ray  370 sray@faia.com 
Marketing Communications Manager Jillian Fry 333 jfry@faia.com
Special Projects Manager Julia Freeman  352-215-6715 jfreeman@faia.com 


Position Name Ext. E-mail
Director of Membership      Melissa Weaver  350 mweaver@faia.com 
Director of Membership Outreach Melissa Champany, CCSR, AIP  344  melissac@faia.com  
Member Advocate Jeanie Johnson, CPSR 351 jjohnson@faia.com
Young Agents Council Director Taylor Hendrickson 332 thendrickson@faia.com


Position Name Ext. E-mail
Director of Education & Workforce Development Dave Newell  365  dnewell@faia.com 
Education Instructor  David Thompson, CPCU, AAI, API, CRIS   376  dthompson@faia.com  
Education Instructor/Insurance Analyst   Jeff Odom, AAI, AIP, AIAM, CCSR   371  jodom@faia.com  
National Alliance Program Coordinator Christy Stacey  335  cstacey@faia.com  
Education Coordinator  Emily Bond 347  ebond@faia.com 


Information Technology

Position Name Ext. E-mail
Vice President & Chief Information Officer  Paul Peeples, AAI, AIT, CPIM  356  ppeeples@faia.com 
Information Systems Administrator  Brian Leibow   375  bleibow@faia.com  
Web & Application Developer   Daniel Francis  328  dfrancis@faia.com  
Web & Information Systems Specialist  Michael Hollowell, CCSR  361  mhollowell@faia.com  

Accounting & Administration

Position Name Ext. E-mail
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Larry Thompson  334  lthompson@faia.com  
Director of Accounting, Registrar & Group Administrator  Julie Simmons  326  jsimmons@faia.com  
Accounting Coordinator LeAnn Paul 354 lpaul@faia.com
Receptionist  Jan Borgo  320  jborgo@faia.com  
Webcast Producer/Staff Assistant II  Troy Simmons  385  tsimmons@faia.com  

FAIA Member Services

Position Name Ext. E-mail
Vice President & Managing Director  Dave Burt   353  dburt@faia.com
Director of Insurance Programs Amanda Chatham  357  achatham@faia.com  
Director of Agents Professional Liability Development Fred Phelps   342  fphelps@faia.com  
Underwriter Matt Hunt 325 mhunt@faia.com
Underwriter Rachell Mendoza 345 rmendoza@faia.com
Accounting Coordinator  LeAnn Paul  354  lpaul@faia.com  
E&O Sales Manager Malone Musil  850-980-0746 mmusil@faia.com 
Underwriting Assistant      Joan Schim 383 jschim@faia.com 
RLI Account Manager Charlie Hampton, CPSR 322 champton@faia.com 
IMS Administrator Taylor Johnson 335 tjohnson@faia.com