YAC Leadership Nominations

Any Young Agents Council member agent in good standing may be nominated for YAC’s leadership by an individual, local board, or by himself or herself.



  • Oversee the general management of council affairs, delegating assignments as required
  • Create, run, and distribute agendas for leadership meetings
  • Attend state, regional, and national conferences
  • Serve as a liaison between state, regional, and national young agents committees
  • Set meeting schedule with help of FAIA YAC Director
  • Help create national award submission(s) for IIABA YAC awards
  • Work closely with YAC Legislative Liaisons to relay current legislative issues
  • Serve as a contributor for strategic planning for YAC’s Long Range Plan

Vice Chairman

  • Run Meetings in the Chair’s absence
  • Assist Chair in all facets of council management
  • Learn and train for succession into the chairman position


I hereby recommend consideration of the following person as a candidate for nomination to the Young Agents Council Leadership as a:

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