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Hello, Siri: Voice-activated devices enter the world of insurance
(Property Casualty 360 © 04/23/2018)
I?m not suggesting it will happen tomorrow, but the convergence of advanced analytics and voice-controlled consumer devices, such as Apple?s Siri, Amazon?s Alexa, and Microsoft?s Cortana, will prese nt a fascinating opportunity for insurers. Based on the consumerization of IT and evolving customer expectations, this is more of an inevitability than a possibility....


Tornado and severe weather insurance checklist
(Property Casualty 360 © 04/21/2018)
It?s that time of year, again. Severe thunderstor ms, damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes are currently in the forecast for large portions of the United States.Tornadoes can strike in any season, but occur most often in the spring and summer months, according to


Astros risk manager stresses security, emerging risks in social media era
(Busines s Insurance © 04/20/2018)
The Houston Astros were thrilled to finally win their first World Series last year, but that victory complicated the team?s risk profile, according to its risk manager.The relatively young Astros players were mostly unknown prior to winning the title, but with their World Series rings came increased security risks, Monica Rusch, senior director, risk management, Houston Astros L.L.C., said at th...


Court OKs open records exemption for insurance claim disputes
(Florida Politics © 04/20/2018)
An appellate court on Thursday unanimously upheld a public records exemption covering the names and addresses of consumers who challenge the disposition of claims against homeowner or sinkhole insurance claims.Two law firms Danahy Murray, of Tampa, and Bennett Dennison, of Bradenton had persuaded Leon County Circuit Judge Charles Dodson to strike down the exe mption.But a three-judge panel of ...


Sales tips you might want to steal
(Benefits Pro © 04/19/2018)
NASHVILLE ? Be aware as a salesperson, that when you show up, ?You?re either somebody who?s there to sell something or somebody who?s there to solve something,? said Ian Altman, the penultimate speaker at the 2018 NAPA 401(k) Summit. ?Which would you rather be?\"...


After Amazon Conquers Banking, Insurance Could be Next
(Insurance Journal © 04/18/2018)
Tech companies pose a clear challenge to banks and none more so than Amazon, which is reported to be in talks with JPMorgan Chase and other big retail banks to create a checking-account-like offering aimed at younger adults and those without checking accounts. This move would build on the company?s initial forays into financial products over recent years and be the start of its venturing into lend...


The Reason You Only Need One Auto Policy
(Insurance Journal &c opy; 04/18/2018)
This weekend was really good one for one of my sons. He got the all-too-rare opportunity to go see his girlfriend (who lives almost 350 miles from us). They both work and go to school, so their time is super tight. Before you tune me out because you don?t care, let me get to the insurance point. He drove one of our cars, which I pay to insure. We live in Florida and she lives in Georgia.The stor...


Dreaded ‘cone of uncertainty’ will shrink for the coming hurricane season
(Tampa Bay Times © 04/18/2018) (Registration Required)
The National Hurricane Center plans to shrink the dreaded \"cone of uncertainty\" during the upcoming season based on an improving forecast record.The Miami-based center made the announcement Monday, along with a series of other changes intended to improve how hurricane forecasters convey warnings to the p ublic. Along with the shrinking cone, forecasters will extend advisories, which include warni...


How Agencies Grow Today: Channel Harvest Survey
(Insurance Journal © 04/17/2018)
When it comes to business growth, agents have their eyes on the same prize but different ideas about how to secure it. That?s one of the key findings of ?Agent Voices 2018,? a soon-to-be-released report based on a survey of more than 5,000 of the nation?s independent agents cosponsored by Channel Harvest Research and Insurance Journal....


Nationwide Switching to Independent Agency Distribution Model by 2020
(Insurance Journal © 04/ 17/2018)
Independent agents take note ? Nationwide may be on your side.Nationwide on Monday announced its intention to shift to an independent agency distribution model over the next two years....


How to avoid damaging insurance agency branding mistakes
(Property Casualty 360 © 04/17/2018)
N ational Underwriter recently spoke with Peter van Aartrijk, principal of the insurance branding and content-marketing firm Aartrijk and the management consultancy Chromium. Here are some highlights from that conversation.Peter van Aartrijk is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, ?The Powers: Ten Factors for Building an Exponentially More Powerful Brand.?...



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