Political Action

FAIA's influence on laws governing your business depends on cultivating a strong presence in the halls of Florida's Capitol and in Washington. Talented, experienced lobbyists do their part on your behalf. Still, senators and representatives who shape our laws listen most closely to the voices of those who put them in office—their constituents. That includes you, and the thousands of independent agents who work for agency members of FAIA.

Individual efforts to present views—through letters, phone calls, face-to-face visits and the like—make a definite impression on lawmakers. But that impression becomes more powerful when you join with fellow agents and speak with a unified voice. You accomplish that by joining one of FAIA's political action committees (PACs) or to IIABA's InsurPac.

PACs allow FAIA's independent agents to pool resources and make meaningful financial contributions to legislators' election campaigns. Your contributions express support for, and help elect, candidates who may be sympathetic to your goals. Frankly, such contributions help ensure your voices are heard.

Make no mistake, a political contribution does not and should not assure your views prevail. It simply allows your presence to be felt as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with numerous special interests—some hostile to the insurance industry—clamoring for legislators' attention. Other groups pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into political campaigns. To level the playing field, every agent must do his or her part by joining IMPACTFAIAPAC, and the federal InsurPac. 

PAC Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can join?
A. Anyone can join one of FAIA's PACs—agencies, individuals or companies. Only individuals can join InsurPac.

Q.I’m an agency principal. How can I contribute to one of FAIA’s PACs?
A. FAIA’s board of directors feels so strongly about participation, that in 2012, the board voted to include a government affairs charge. This is now incorporated into agencies dues. Agencies that want to contribute additional funds can do so online.

Q. I’m an agent. How can I contribute to one of FAIA’s PACs?
A. You can contribute online (log in required) or by check.

Q. How do I contribute to InsurPac?
A. Donations to InsurPac can only be made by personal check or credit card. To contribute online, you must first log on with your IIABA user name and password.