This guide is for anyone interested in forming or needing advice operating an independent agency in Florida, with a primary focus on the sale/ service of property and casualty insurance.

There are three main sections: Building an Independent Insurance Agency, Operating an Independent Insurance Agency, and Growing an Independent Insurance Agency. In each section, we’ll cover the important information you need to know and point you to resources that will help you build, operate, and grow your new agency. 

Building an Independent Insurance Agency

There are many paths to opening an independent insurance agency. Two of the most common are agents stepping out on their own after having worked in an agency or converting their agency from a captive to an independent agency.

This section will walk you through all the requirements of building an independent agency from the ground up and highlight tools you can use along the way.


Operating an Independent Insurance Agency

If you’ve gotten through the basics of getting your business established, it’s time to start giving your agency the structure it needs to be managed successfully.

This section will cover setting procedural guidelines for running your business, information on how to attract more markets, the importance of an agency management system, and more. 


Growing an Independent Insurance Agency

Your agency is off the ground and running smoothly. Now, the name of the game is growth.

This section is all about maximizing the efficiency of your business through sound management practices, innovative technology, and professional development opportunities. 



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