July 1, 2023 – August 1, 2023

Artboard-3.pngEach July, the FAIA Young Agents Council kicks off a school-supply drive to help give Florida students a smart start back to school.

We’ve partnered with four non-profit organizations across the state to make giving easy—and safe. Each has provided an Amazon Wishlist, with items ranging from scissors and crayons to backpacks and math supplies. And to keep your competitive drive in gear and encourage participation, we’ve divided Florida into four areas that correspond with the YAC Zones.

Each purchase is assigned a point value based on the money spent. Once you’ve finished shopping, please send a screen shot of your receipt, or forward your receipt, to your Zone’s SS4K coordinator. The individual and the zone with the most points wins bragging rights for the year, and FAIA will match up to $250 in donations to the winning area’s organization!

Team Green: Zones 1, 2

All donations benefit Gulf Coast Kid's House. As a children's advocacy center, they combine all of the professionals and resources needed for the intervention, investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases under one child-friendly facility. 

Questions? Contact Green Zone Coordinator Shaynah True.

Green Amazon Wishlist

Team Blue: Zones 3, 4

All donations benefit MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation. The MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation is an after-school and summer youth development program in Jacksonville's Urban Core that promotes academic achievement and positive life skills.

Questions? Contact Blue Zone Coordinator Haley Daughtry.

Blue Amazon Wishlist

Team Red: Zones 5, 7, 10, 11

All donations benefit Sheridan House. Sheridan House is a multifaceted ministry dedicated to helping families from their Parenting On Purpose radio broadcast to their Residential Boys’ Homes, Single Mom Ministry or their Counseling Centers.

Questions? Contact Red Zone Coordinators Joe Iten and JP Gomez.

Red Amazon Wishlist

Team Yellow: Zones 6, 8, 9

All donations benefit Voices for Children. Voices for Children provides stability, safety, and a feeling of home by ensuring children in foster care have a caring and consistent person to be there for them and by providing resources to fulfill their needs.

Questions? Contact Yellow Zone Coordinators Kala Hennessey and Colton Langsam.

Yellow Amazon Wishlist

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