Utilization Bonus Program

Want to generate revenue for your association, add additional revenue for your agency, save on expenses, and earn additional cash?

You can accomplish one or all of those goals by participating in the FMS Utilization Bonus program! It’s simple, and you don’t even have to sign up. Just take advantage of the products and services—meticulously reviewed and offered by FMS—and start earning points.

Starting on September 1 of each year, FMS begins tracking usage of the products and services. Using the products and services generates revenue, which translates into points for your agency. The more products and services you use—the more points you earn.

Utilization Bonus-eligible products and services:

American Traditions Insurance Co. (through Independent Market Solutions

Asset Wealth Management 

Attune (through Independent Market Solutions)

Avatar Property & Casualty Insurance (through Independent Market Solutions)

Cypress P&C Insurance Group (through Independent Market Solutions)

First Insurance Funding 

Heartland Bill Pay

Heartland Payroll Services

Heritage Insurance (through Independent Market Solutions


Office Depot Discount Program 

Old Dominion Flood Program 


RLI (Personal UmbrellaeXS Commercial UmbrellaIn-HomeBusiness)


Swiss Re/ Westport E&O (and any professional liability program administered through FMS)

United P&C (through Independent Market Solutions

Universal North America (through Independent Market Solutions


Work at Home Vintage Experts